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Guild Information
Runelords Guild was established in late 2006 in Silkroad. Server issues there caused the founder, Riot, to move to Rappelz in April 2007. Runelords has maintained an active presence on the Rappelz Bahamut/Baphomet/Betrayal server ever since. Since then we have tried expansions into Runes of Magic, PerfectWorld, Aion and GuildWars2. Currently the only truly active guild is in Rappelz. The GuildWars2 guild is a casual gathering place for players who otherwise mainly play Rappelz or other games.

Runelords work to enhance the gaming experience by bringing people together who share common interests and goals. Our number one goal is to maintain a friendly environment that helps our members enjoy the game without making it feel like a second job. We believe that gaming should be first and foremost fun... and should not bring any additional stress to our lives.

We recognize that there are guild members who are fortunate enough to have a great deal of free time, and who enjoy the challenge of working to achieve a high level quickly. On the other hand, we also recognize that the majority of guild members have only a limited time to play. Jobs, school, family: there are many things in real life that demand attention. We believe that the casual player is just as important as the power-leveler, and should be made to feel just as welcome in the game. Part of our mission is to assure that the casual player has a place that they feel welcome.

We also recognize that disagreements and politics happen, even in a gaming environment. While it is probably impossible to eliminate it entirely, we strive to reduce politics and disagreements to a minimum. Please assist by helping resolve any issues that might occur. You are encouraged to contact the individual guild leaders of each game as listed on the home page if you have any problems or concerns.

Philosophy and Rules
PK and PvP

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