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This tells what we are going to do to try to keep the forums usable and readable.
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Are you grateful for something someone has done for you?
Events and Contests
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Any non-game-specific technical tips and tricks.
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Class-specific information about building the best character possible.
Anything and everything related to pets.
Information and tips about quests.
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Starts with information from the official Rappelz forums... take it from there.
Discussions related to personal duels, defending yourself against PK, or preparing for siege PvP.
How to TA and siege, tips, discussions of past sieges.
Anything related to the technical aspects of Rappelz gameplay.
Please feel free to use this forum to post messages to the Guild letting us know if you will have an extended absence.
Anything and everything about gaming that is not game-specific.
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Although the guild in Guild Wars 2 is essentially inactive, there may be members who play there occasionally. Feel free to add comments, screen shots, questions or other material to this forum.
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Although there is no longer a Runelords in RoM, there may be people who still play. Previous posts related to RoM are archived here.
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This section holds the posts from the old Aion Runelords guild. As far as I know the guild still exists, but it is no longer associated with the parent Runelords guild.
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Shocking as it may seem, some of our Guildees actually play other games. If you are one of them and you want to talk about it, this is the place to go.
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Got a good link that is not game-related? Put it here.
Thoughts, sayings, quotes, etc.
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